National Anti Doping Organisation


Whereabouts allows the Doping Control Officer to locate an athlete at a specific time and place, at work, at home or in the training venue according to the athlete’s training or competition program.

Providing accurate whereabouts protects athletes’ right to clean sports. It enables testing with no advanced notice which is crucial for the integrity of the procedure and for the effectiveness of the results management process.

The athletes may be required to provide information about their mailing address, training location, competition schedules and their regular activities such as work or school. Those who are on a Registered Testing Pool provide a sixty minute time slot of their choice to be available for daily testing.

All the athletes can be tested at any time and in any place. The athletes on RTP list can be subject to a Missed Test if they are not available for testing. Their whereabouts information is supplied on a quarterly basis within a year, but any changes should be updated so that the athletes will not receive a whereabouts Failure.

The whereabouts information can be submitted by the athlete’s representatives if they wish to. However, the athletes are solely responsible for failing to provide accurate information or for not updating their whereabouts.