National Anti Doping Organisation

Greece at the Council of Europe against doping-Athens candidate city for the World Conference of WADA

The Governor of EOKAN/HADA, Dr Grigoris Leon, among with the Operational Director Giorgos Rodinos, attended and represented Greece at the 57th Conference of the Council of Europe for WADA (CAHAMA), which took place from 9 to 11 of May at the headquarters of the Council of Europe, at Strasbourg. 

EOKAN/HADA's presence at the conference reaffirmed once again that Greece is ready to play a leading role in the fight against doping at the international level as well.

In this context, Dr Leon gave a speech to the members of the Committee and also announced the greek candidacy by giving a brief presentation about organising the Sixth World Conference on Doping in Sport in 2025.

This is the leading conference of the World Anti-Doping Agency, in which hundreds of representatives of the Sports Movement from all over the world submit their views on clean sport. At the conference, Dr Leon made a brief account of EOKAN/HADA’s actions during the last ten months by referring on the progress that has been made, on Greece's removal from WADA's compliance watchlist while he presented the future plans of EOKAN/HADA that aim to establish the reputation of the Organisation to the sports world and also to the public opinion in Greece and worldwide , as one of the leaders in the fight against doping.

The presence and active participation of EOKAN/HADA at the meeting of the Ad hoc Council of Europe for the World Anti-Doping Agency is of particular importance, as CAHAMA coordinates the positions of the European Union member states on issues related to the development of anti-doping policy, as well as their promotion to the World Organisation.