National Anti Doping Organisation

High numbers of doping controls in February and March 2022

The National Anti-Doping Organisation announced that during February and March, 98 doping controls were conducted in 18 different sports. Of these, 57 took place in competition and 41 out of competition. In total, 294 samples were collected for testing. More specifically, in February 46 doping controls were conducted in 11 sports ( 25 controls in competition and 21 out of competition) and 121 samples were collected.

During March, the corresponding numbers are: 52 controls in 15 sports ( 32 in competition and 20 out of competition), in which 173 samples were collected. The frequency of the doping controls remains high, particularly in controls out of competition in accordance with WADA's regulations, which requires continuous testing of those who are on the List of Controlled Athletes (RTP I and II). As EOKAN's Governor Dr Grigoris Leon has repeatedly pointed out, intensifying doping controls and increasing out of competition testing constitute top priorities of the National Anti-Doping Organisation.