National Anti Doping Organisation

Meeting with the Hellenic Canoe Kayak Federation

The president of the Hellenic Canoe Kayak Federation, Ioannis  Skourtis  visited the National Anti-Doping Organisation and had a meeting with the Governor of HADA, Dr Grigoris Leon. This meeting is a a part of the collaboration between HADA and the National Federations of the country. The close cooperation regarding doping controls and educational programs is one of the main priorities of EOKAN/HADA, especially with Federations such as that of Canoe Kayak which is the governing body of five sports, olympic and non-Olympic. Dr Leon discussed with Mr Skourtis in detail all the actions and the plans of EOKAN/HADA, while he was informed about the sporting events and the other activities of the Canoe Kayak Federation. Both parties agreed to have a close cooperation starting from the field of education and information on doping and anti-doping procedures, especially of the young athletes who belong to the national teams of the Canoe Kayak Federation.