National Anti Doping Organisation

Educational seminar for athletes who return in action

On Thursday 30 of September HADA held the first online educational seminar for the athletes who return in action, after serving a provisional suspension or a sanction.

The seminar is one of the responsibilities of the National Organisations according to the new WADA's Code (2021) and Greece is one of the first countries in Europe, that put it into effect.

The seminar started with an introductory speech by HADA's Governor Dr Grigoris Leon and the topics discussed were:

  • "How to follow the WADA's Code and return to sport activities" presented by HADA'S executive director Georgios Rodinos
  • "Sport values and clean sports free from doping" presented by the head of education, Panagiotis Panoutsos Talkowski
  • "A healthy diet as a means of achieving sports goals" presented by the nutritionist and member of the General Secretariat of Sports Eleftheria Axioti
  • "Sports and psychology" presented by the psychologist Regina Karadinou

Also, on Wednesday 29 of September the online educational seminars of HADA for the Greek athetes included in RTP were conducted. It should be noted that the seminars were a great success and attracted a large number of participants.