National Anti Doping Organisation

Significant increase in doping controls during the last quarter of 2021

The National Anti-Doping Organisation (HADA) announced that in December 58 doping controls were conducted in 14 different sports. Of these, 32 doping controls were conducted In Competition and 26 Out of Competition. In total, 173 samples were collected for testing. The frequency of doping controls has increased significantly during the last quarter of this year.

According to HADA, in November 40 doping controls were conducted in 13 different sports (29 In Competition and 11 Out of Competition) and 128 samples were collected for testing. In October the equivalent numbers were: 36 doping controls in 14 different sports, 18 In Competition and 18 Out of Competition, while 100 samples were collected.

In total, in the last quarter of 2021 ( 1st October-31st December), HADA conducted:

·        134 doping controls in 21 different sports, five of which team sports (football, basketball, volleyball, polo, handball), 13 Olympic sports and 3 for athletes with disabilities.

·         Among these controls, 79 were In Competition and 55 Out of Competition, while 401 samples in total were collected for testing.

·       In the last three months the doping controls increased 61% and the sample collections 73%.                   

We have put our plans into action and we are determined to increase and intensify the doping controls, while increasing the number of random testing. In the following months we will see a further rise in these numbers, since our organization will have been stuffed with more sample collectors. Once again, I would like to point out that the aim of HADA is to be on athletes’ side and support and help them to compete in clean sports” added HADA’s Governor, Dr Grigoris Leon.