National Anti Doping Organisation

CyADA's president Dr Michael Petrou visits Athens

Since the first day of EOKAN's operation under the new administration by Dr Grigoris Leon the collaboration with the Cyprus Anti-Doping Authority and its president Dr Michael Petrou has been proved extremely important.   CyADA which is one of the most distinguished Anti-Doping Authorities worldwide, has an  excellent relation with the Greek State and Dr Petrou's visit to Athens, after EOKAN's invitation, did not only have a symbolic nature but also a crucial one, since it proved the close and multilevel collaboration between the two authorities in the past few months. In this context, a meeting was held at the ministry of sports  between Dr Petrou and the deputy minister, Lefteris Avgenakis and there was a very constructive discussion about doping issues and also about the successful actions of Greece which led to its compliance with WADA's Code after many years. Also, Dr Petrou visited EOKAN's new premises where he was welcomed by the Governor of the Agency, Dr Grigoris Leon. Both parties once again discussed in detail the common framework of action, through which there will be benefits for both the Cypriot Authority and the Greek Organisation, since EOKAN is now developing a wide range of activities after having been removed from the WADA's watch list. "Taking on a difficult task this summer, that of complying with the WADA's code , we had to overcome very serious obstacles in a very short time. The Cypriot Anti-Doping Authority and  Dr Petrou, personally, were on our side from the first moment of our effort and with their know-how they gave us valuable support and help. Today i have the opportunity to thank him in public for his selfless support and interest and i hope that our close collaboration will expand in all areas related to Anti-Doping and will continue for many years to come", Dr Leon said.

From his side, Dr Petrou underlined: " EOKAN, with the undivided support and the personal interest of the deputy minister, Lefteris Avgenakis, has achieved great progress against doping in Greece. EOKAN now is a fully operational national anti-doping organisation staffed with qualified scientists who are willing to work hard and achieve results against doping. EOKAN and the Cypriot Anti-Doping Authority,  can support together the ideal of "clean sports" in their countries".