National Anti Doping Organisation

HADA's Governor Dr Grigoris Leon on Thessaloniki's radio station PRAKTOREIO 104.9

The Governor of EOKAN/HADA , Dr Grigoris Leon was invited in the radio station PRAKTOREIO 104.9 of the Macedonian News agency of Thessaloniki and had a talk with the journalist Anastasia Telianidou.

Among other things he said:


- "EOKAN is now an organisation harmonised with the international standards and Greece is no longer under the supervision of WADA. The organisation has been staffed with experienced people who have been involved in anti-doping for years , but also with young employees with studies in this field. All this has brought substantial changes in all the sectors of the organisation , for example in doping controls which is a very crucial department that we are reinforcing with 64 sample collector officers. They will be our partners whose duty is to conduct  random or targeted doping controls on athletes. Untill now they were not many , only 30 and most of them were based in Athens. We therefore invite those who are interested to submit their applications since we  have announced new positions. We would like to have around 100 sample collectors in every part of the country so that we can intensify the doping controls in all sports. We want to have people who love sports and are interested in anti-doping".


-"Since we are no longer under supervision, our goal is to collaborate with all the bodies related to sports: sports federations and organising sports authorities. One aspect of this collaboration is the educational programs. For us information and education is the second crucial area of EOKAN's function after doping controls. We would like to inform young people, especially, about the dangers of the prohibited substances and in the next year we will organise educational seminars in schools, since our program was approved by the Ministry of Education. In 2022 we will address as many schools as we can across the country and our program will aim to inform secondary school students, a very important age group".

All the interview is available on the channel of EOKAN on YouTube at the following link: