National Anti Doping Organisation

"How many likes is your life worth ?" The information campaign of EOKAN in collaboration with OPAP

The public awareness campaign against doping is already being promoted on the internet and the social media. The National Anti-Doping Organisation and OPAP,  the most significant supporter of greek sports over time, joined forces, sending a powerful message against doping and anabolic steroids.The campaign addresses a sensitive social issue such as doping, through the pursuit of “perfect body image” and its promotion on social media, ignoring the risks and the side effects on health."The role of EOKAN is not only the doping controls in the top athletes of all sports, but also the information of the people who play sports regularly, either as amateurs or at a professional level.

We want them to be aware of the risks of doping and  the use of anabolic steroids and not be vulnerable to taking illegal substances because they want to improve their body image.

I would like to to thank OPAP for supporting Greek sports but in a different way this time, for the benefit of the whole society” added the Governor of EOKAN, Dr Grigoris Leon.

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